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Custom Solutions for Diverse Industries

Transform your visions into reality with our expertise in custom plastic extrusion. We specialize in serving a wide spectrum of industries, from traffic safety and building products to sign companies and exhibit manufacturers. Whether you require unique profiles or complex shapes, our precision plastic extrusion process delivers the components you need for your projects. Trust in our experience to bring your ideas to life efficiently and affordably.

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Superior Quality and Durability

We pride ourselves on producing plastic extruded products that stand the test of time. Our commitment to quality and durability ensures your projects benefit from components that last, even in demanding environments. From traffic safety products built to withstand the elements to exhibit displays that leave a lasting impression, our plastic extrusion solutions are engineered for excellence.

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Seamless Collaboration and Expertise

Partnering with us means gaining access to a team of experts who understand the nuances of plastic extrusion. We collaborate closely with you to solve challenges and bring your concepts to fruition. Whether you need custom profiles for lighting lens covers or specialized components for the bath and shower industry, our dedication to excellence ensures your success.

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All American Extrusion provides plastic extrusion services to clients across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.